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National Prayer Ministry

As we continue to become a movement of churches that focus on loving and serving our neighbourhoods and communities, we know we’re in need of the power of God.

Administrative & Financial Services​

We manage the following areas; finance (including payroll), personal benefits, pensions, investments, property management, corporate administration, bequests and other legal affairs.

Church Health

Church Health supports local churches and leaders to equip, encourage, and resource them as they as they discern God's plan.

Church Planting

Church Planting exists to oversee our church planting system. Our team has the privilege of working with new and emerging leaders and communities of faith, as they follow Jesus into their neighbourhoods.

Generosity + Stewardship

Stewardship. It's not just about money, or time, or talent. It's about surrender. Surrendering ourselves to Christ. Returning our money, our time, and our talent to its rightful owner - God.

Intercultural Missions

Intercultural Engagement is here to help your congregation discern and discover intercultural missions here at home and around the world.

Leadership Development

Developing gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry in the Free Methodist Church is a priority. We seek to invest resources strategically and mature those who desire to grow as part of our national church mission.

Retired Ministers Group

Connecting and Resourcing soon-to-be and Retired Ministers.


Our goal is equip churches and leaders with the tools and resources they need to better meet the needs of their congregations and neighbourhoods.

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