the free methodist church in canada

Leadership Development

Heart of Canadian Free Methodism

Course Dates

  • June 7-9, 2024. Location TBA.

There are three goals of this course:

  1. Understand our roots: To provide a clear sense of our roots in the historic Methodist movement, rooted in orthodox Christianity and its development over the centuries to the present day. The focus will be on how our roots shape our present behaviours and passions for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Our call as a movement today: To provide a description of The Free Methodist Church in Canada™ as a growing movement of God carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ within the context of our distinctives as Methodists today. We are thoroughly evangelical with distinctives that God has called us to offer to the Church. You will receive a description of how we are functioning today using the best research and tools available to the wider Christian community and the culture we want to reach, but used by us to fulfill our distinctive call.
  3. Discover if our hearts share the same passion: To provide sufficient information and communicate our passion for impacting the world with the claims of Christ through our movement that will determine if you will be able to assent to live in harmony with the call of our movement.

Some things you should know:

  • Email Communication: The teacher and the Credentialing Coordinator from the Leadership Development office will communicate with you through email to provide a syllabus and the requirements for completing the course.
  • Attendance required at all sessions: The schedule for the course is inclusive; there are no optional sections that you may choose to ignore or not attend. There are planned segments which make this foundational course unique. The experience of who we are as a connected people is essential to informing who we are intellectually.
  • Late registration will make inconveniences on you: You will receive complete instructions regarding logistical arrangements, food, transportation, and housing options for the weekend. Early registration will assure you of the best arrangements. Late registration will make inconveniences on you and those trying to serve you to make this weekend enjoyable and attractive.
  • If possible, a representative from the Leadership Development Office, will plan to attend part of the course and be available to meet with each person individually who wishes discuss “tracking” for credentialed ministry in The Free Methodist Church in Canada™.

You will find other helpful information on this website regarding ministry in The Free Methodist Church in Canada™ under the “Leadership Development” section.


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Susan DePlanché

Credentialing Coordinator

Leadership Development Office

905-848-2600 ext 405
Fax: 905-848-2603