the free methodist church in canada

What it means to be Free Methodist


This is a new section that we are developing to answer the question, “What does it mean to be Free Methodist?” We discovered during the recent National LifePlan that many of our local church-goers could not easily explain what it means to be Free Methodist. The report showed that some had information about some Free Methodist distinctives, but the issue became making 160 year old positions and values relatable in present day evangelism and discipleship.

Freedom Video Series

We believe this video series encapsulate many of the convictions that we have held from the very beginning and set us on a path for carrying our vision into the future. We intend them to be succinct, simple to remember, and easy to communicate to our FMCiC family in our congregations and to those outside who want to learn more about who we are.

Early history of the Free Methodist Church

This video lays out some of the historical roots of the formation of Free Methodism in North America. 

A Historical look at Women in Leadership in the Free Methodist Tradition

Embedded in the roots of Free Methodism is the recognition that women are equal partners in the ministry of the Church.

A Unique Path Through the Cultural Landscape

A historical framework to explain Methodist thinking.

We will be adding more resources to this section of the website - stay tuned!