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The story of our new Logo

After more than 25 years, we are excited to announce a new brand identity for The Free Methodist Church in Canada. You will see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, like on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and we will work diligently so that you will soon see it on all of our resources as well. 

Change is inevitable, and something to be embraced, but that alone is not a good enough reason to change a logo. Over the years, despite the symbolism attached to the current logo, we were receiving feedback that it was outdated and needed to be modernized. We believe the new logo is forward-thinking but also grounds us in values that are important to our Free Methodist ideology.

Over several months, a small team at the National Ministry Centre worked with designer James Kingsley to find a logo that was relevant, smart and connected to our vision and values.

The colour choice was also important in recognizing FMCiC’s unique Canadian story. It also sets us apart from other denominational branding.

It’s still us. We are the Free Methodist Church in Canada, but now with branding that will move with us into the future.

Each component of the new FMCIC logo reflects defining elements of modern Methodism. It contains deep meaning and symbolism, and in the next few pages, we will give you a detailed outline and explanation of the elements. 

Here are the symbols that form the logo

The Cross

The crux, of our faith, symbolizing both the resurrection and our call to carry our cross and follow Christ.


Represents Scripture, God’s written Word. Our Cornerstone.


Symbolizes the passage of time and the Tradition that comes with it.


Alludes to the brain and the importance of Reason to Methodism.


Representing Experience, the diamond communicates the effect of pressure and time.


God is at work in our world throughout creation and in all of life.


The compostion of the symbols additionally allude to the figure of someone serving communion.

Looking for the previous logo?

We understand that there are some churches who still need access to the “People” logo.  Click on the “Download the logo” button and right click on the image to “Save as” to your computer.

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