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Annual Report

About the Annual Report

We have made some improvements to the Annual Reporting PDF. The PDF form is now fillable which we know will make completing the Annual Report much easier. Essentially this means that a person can begin to complete the form, save it and come back to it later or pass it on to a treasurer, as an example.

There are English and French versions, as well we have included a guide (pdf) to help you understand and complete the Annual Report, we trust that it will be helpful to you in completing the form. The due date for the report is February 29th, 2024. We kindly ask that you make completing the Annual Report a priority.  

We recommend using the PDF if you do not have all the information gathered in one place. This will give you the opportunity to partially complete and save the form.  Once the form is completed please email it to [email protected]

If you do have all the information gathered, you can complete the Annual Report online but please note that it must be finished in one sitting (the online form cannot be saved). 

Please submit your 2023 Annual Report on or before February 29, 2024.

Here are the FILLABLE PDF links to the Annual Reports:

Here are the ONLINE links to the Annual Reports:

Having trouble completing the Annual Report? Please refer to the guide for assistance.