the free methodist church in canada

Church Planting

Guiding Ideas

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Culturally Competent Missionary Response

We train planters to be aware of, and skillful in, responding to the complex and challenging Canadian spiritual environment. We want you to learn and develop.

That’s why we encourage you to go to a New Leaf Church Plant Design Shop.

The work of church planting is initiated by the
Holy Spirit in the heart of a planter.
Everything we do is to empower, support and guide that response.
That’s why we encourage you to attend the
New Leaf Discernment Process.

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Mistakes are Useful

We want people who aren’t afraid to take risks, get messy and make mistakes for the sake of the Kingdom.
We lean into failures to learn everything we can from them.
That’s why every planter is required to have a coach, not a supervisor. Our Church Planting Coaches

Our systems are designed so that our church plants and planters thrive.
Each requirement of our system is designed with these goals in mind.
That’s why we have budget creation resources and provide subsidies.
Subsidy applications are submitted through a Church Planting Coach. If you are interested in our subsidy options, please contact one of our Church Planting Coaches to learn more.
Our Church Planting Coaches

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Better Together

We need each other and we value playing as a team. We are people who are not just focused on individual success, but on building a movement together.

That’s why we require every planter and church board to agree to a covenant.