Natural Church Development Survey

A key tool in the LifePlan Process is the use of an NCD survey.  This survey is a very useful annual assessment of a church’s health based on eight essential Quality Characteristics of church life. Church leaders are able to use the results to identify the church’s most critical health issues. As further Surveys are done, leaders are able to assess progress, identify trends, and stay focused on the issues most impacting healthy growth.  When used in the LifePlan process, the NCD survey is foundational to “Knowing What Time It Is”.

How does the Survey work?
The Survey comprises a comprehensive questionnaire completed by 30 people from the congregation chosen according to specific criteria. (Churches of less than 30 people can be surveyed.) The questionnaire conforms to international statistical standards for reliability and accuracy.

The report produced from the questionnaires measures the church against a large database of Canadian churches. This ensures cultural objectivity and relevance.

What are the components of a Survey?

There are five components to the Survey:

  • NCD Survey – Pastor’s Form – this collects basic demographic and other details about the church.
  • NCD Survey Form – the questionnaire itself.
  • NCD Survey – Data Entry – the spreadsheet for entering the data from the questionnaires.
  • NCD Profile Report – a basic report on the eight Quality Characteristics only. (Not provided if Profile Plus is selected, see below.)
  • NCD Profile Plus Report – a detailed analysis at a question-by-question level. As more Surveys are done, this report provides up to four sets of results including comparative charts. Nearly every church leader requests it.

How do you get a Survey done?

If you are interested in doing a Survey, there are three easy steps.

1. Download and read Natural Church Development: An Introduction for Churches.

2. Read the three essential NCD resources. Click on NCD Resources on the home page and these resources are the first listed.

3. Order the Survey by emailing us at [email protected]. The Survey components will be emailed to you along with instructions for completing the Survey.

What is the cost of doing a survey?
The cost of the first Survey in the NCD Cycle process is CDN$400. All subsequent Surveys are CDN$375 (includes Profile Plus).


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