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Foundational Courses

Foundational courses are required for those who are tracking for credentialed ministry in The Free Methodist Church in Canada or those seeking to transfer their ordination credentials into The FMCiC.

In addition, three of these courses (Heart, Wesleyan Theology and Stewardship) are open to any lay person who commits to attending all three days and paying the tuition cost.

Ordained or Commissioned Ministers may take any of these courses and use them as Continuing Education Units (CEUs), either auditing the course (attend all 3 days) for 1 CEU or attending all 3 days plus completing the assignments for 3 CEUs.

The tuition for each course is only $150 since the Leadership Development giving stream subsidizes the tuition costs.  Regardless of whether the course is audited or taken for full credit, the tuition must be paid.  In addition, each person is responsible for the costs of his/her textbooks and other materials, plus meals and travel expenses.

(Local FM churches host these foundational courses.  The locations will be selected based on where the majority of the participants reside – so please register early!)

Wesleyan Theology

  • November 3-5, 2023. Location TBA*

Also available:

  • Tyndale University – 
  • FMC-USA  NEW! Anytime on Pathwright (multiple instructor choices)
    • Self-paced, up to 8 months to complete  OR  16-week intensive version, select Instructor Vaughan (upcoming session start dates: Oct. 16)
  • Central Christian College online, 6 weeks, asynchronous – deadlines to apply: Sept 18 (start dates course runs Oct 2 and to Nov 12) and Jan 1 (course runs Jan 9 to Feb 19)
  • Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan University
  • Date and Location TBA*

(for Ministerial Candidates, Lay Ministers serving as Lead Pastors, Commissioned Ministers and Ordained Ministers only)

  • 5-week online course – Start date TBA
  • 6-week online course: October 4 – November 8

* The location for these courses will be selected based on where the majority of the participants reside – so please register early!  

Note:  Tuition payment is not required when registering for a course.  Payment is due 10 days before the course begins.


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