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Generosity Discipleship

How do you inspire church people to be generous?

Times – and people – have changed. We cannot ignore the cultural shifts and do things the way they’ve always been in support of the church ministries. This is not about fundraising for the church budget.  This is about helping people understand what God wants for people and not what God (or the church) wants from people. This is about helping people discover the joy and freedom of living a generous life lived out as a grateful response to God with all of life, all they have, and all they are.

We are called to make disciples. We believe that generosity is a critical part of being a disciple of Christ. We believe that when people live generously, they reflect God’s nature and heart to the world.  This design helps us look after each other and those that God loves. 

This community design often requires a “RESET” in how we think, preach and teach on generosity.

Here at Generosity Discipleship, we are always working on new resources that can help you cultivate a culture of generosity in your church:

  • 28-Day Whole Life Generosity Devotional
  • Cultivating Generosity Coaching, Seminars and Resources
  • Generosity Overflow Experience – live or online retreat or day experience
  • Generosity Coaching – working with your church leaders throughout the year to cultivate generosity throughout your church community
  • Generosity Sermons/Messages
  • Generosity Videos + Resources
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Stewardship + Generosity Director

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