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In order to have some “how-to” resources available to pastors has been both a need and a desire for a long time.  In 2008, the National Ministerial Education Guidance and Placement (NMEGaP) committee recommended to the General Conference that an orientation for new lead pastors be developed by the Director of Personnel and NMEGaP.  That recommendation passed.  Shortly after that, a group of pastors gathered at the Ministry Centre for a day-long brainstorming session focused on what should be included in an orientation resource.  These pastors were fairly new in their lead pastor positions and so the results of that day of brainstorming formed the table of contents for the resources that are available here.

With the list of topics developed, the clergy members of NMEGaP were asked to select a topic and do some writing.  The writing has been formatted but it still reflects the style and personality of the various authors.  These resources are part of the process; an on-site visit to the Ministry Centre to interact with the National Leadership Team and other Ministry Centre staff is also part of the orientation.

While these materials have been developed with the new lead pastor in mind, they will certainly benefit all of us by providing new ideas, fresh insights, affirmations, and lists of other resources.

This continues to be a ‘work in progress’ so more topics and information will be added as they are developed.  If you have any topic suggestions, please contact the Credentialing Coordinator.

New Lead Pastor Orientation Handbook:
Table of Contents(.doc)

Section 1 – Preaching / teaching

– How / when to create a preaching plan

  • Where to Begin:  systematic but flexible plan, use calendars, consider context and congregation, use lectionary, seek depth, variety and breadth
  • Get sermon feedback (see sample survey template)

– Take risks / experiment with style

– List of Resources i.e. commentaries, courses, books, seminars, etc.

Section 2 – Services

– Baptism and Dedication

– Funerals

– Weddings

Chapter 7 – The Manual – Congregational Life

SCOD Worship Resources

Section 3 – Foundational Courses /Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Section 4 – Church Boards
Section 5 – Denominational Expectations
Section 6 – Annual Society Meeting
Section 7 – Spiritual Formation
Section 8 – Permanent Records at the Local Church

Section 9 – Salary and Benefits

Section 10 – Pastoral Counselling

Section 11 – Contact with People

Section 12 – Community Awareness

Section 13 – Discipleship

Section 14 – Conflict / Past Issues Resolution

Section 15 – Change Agent
Section 16 – Denominational Matrix of Support
Section 17 – Other Resources

Section 18 – Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon)

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