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Church Transitions Handbook (WORD)

There have always been pastors and churches in transition, regardless of which appointment system was in operation at the time.  Once a local church is in transition, a board-approved Pastoral Leadership Task Force (PLTF) develops a church profile and pastor’s job description and works in consultation with the Director of Leadership Development and Church Health to hire a pastor who is a good fit for the local church and the denomination.  After receiving resumes, conducting interviews and selecting a pastor, the PLTF chairperson sends a request to the Bishop for that pastor to be appointed by the conference, and in turn the Bishop presents that recommendation to the Ministerial Education Guidance and Placement (MEGaP) committee for approval, after which the selected pastor is appointed.

At some point in the pastor’s ministry career, he or she will find themselves in transition, whether it is between pastoral appointments at local churches, going into transition without a new pastoral position or transitioning to retirement.  The Transitions Handbook for Pastors is designed to be a helpful resource during the process.

Churches in Transition - Profiles Available

Charlemont Free Methodist Church
Location: 30127 Brigden Road,
                  Wallaceburg, ON  N8A 4L2
Position:  Part-Time
Deadline to Apply:  Nov 14, 2023

The Charlemont Free Methodist Church and parsonage are located in rural southwestern Ontario between the communities of Wallaceburg and Dresden. Our church and home are surrounded on all sides by farmers fields where the crops typically grown are corn, wheat, and soybeans. Your nearest neighbour lives down the road approximately 300 metres. There are 5 homes surrounding the church all within 500 metres.
Wallaceburg is mainly a community of Caucasians, although more Indigenous families are residing within the town limits. There is a reservation approximately 5 kilometers out of town.

For more information review the job profile and job description.  
Send Cover Letter and Resume to [email protected]

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.  However, Canadian Citizens and permanent residents may be given priority.

Each applicant will be reviewed prayerfully.


Contact Davika Dotson

Administrative Assistant

Leadership Development Office

905-848-2600 ext 205
Fax: 905-848-2603