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National Prayer Ministry

Prayer Resources a Prayer Journal:

The Prayer Hand:

Prayer Imaginarium video:
Prayer requires the use of the imagination to envision by faith what is not yet seen, so in one sense, every time you pray you are entering an “imaginarium.” In it you will be guided in how to use your imagination properly and effectively in one form of prayer called Intercessory Prayer

School of Intercession Videos:
For our first 4 Zoom Room Prayer Meetings we encouraged everyone to watch some teaching videos that came from our sister FM General Conference in the USA. The series was called, “Deepening Prayer for Transformational Revival”, and taught about the need for Desire, Persistence, Power and the Prophetic in our praying. They have also added another 4 part series on “Listening Prayer” as well. The link for those videos is:

“PRAYERTRIST” Prayer Ideas and Initiatives from other Churches:
“We have corporate prayer on Wednesday pm; we also have a designated Intercessory Prayer time each Thursday, all afternoon. This is open to anyone needing prayer and for a core of prayer people to be there. The most recent new step is to have a prayer team of 3-4 people praying throughout the service in strategic parts of the building. Before service we pray through the halls and meeting hall, then we pray as we sense His leading through the service. It is wonderful to see the prayer warriors eagerly committing to this.” (shared by Gail Kerr November 27/18)

“If My People” Prayer Summit Follow-up Resources:

Helplessness & Hopefulness Prayer Summit part 2 Resources:
Prayer Summit part 2 video (message and Q&A time). Watch below or click this link.

Fervency & Righteousness Prayer Summit part 3 Resources:
Prayer Summit part 3 video (message and Q&A time). Watch below or click this link.

Growing Your Local Church into a House of Prayer’ Prayer Summit part 4 Resources:
Prayer Summit part 4 video (message and Q&A time). Watch below or click this link.

Helping Your Church Become a House of Prayer handout (by Doug & Margie Newton with reading list):

Developing into a House of Prayer Consultations
Doug & Margie Newton are offering to connect with any local church group via ZOOM to provide a free diagnostic session that will result in a rough draft of recommendations to help your church develop a plan of action. If you are interested contact them at [email protected].

The Rule of Life
• Pray three times daily (morning, lunch, evening)
• Read, study, meditate, a common Scripture daily
• Half-day fast weekly
• Every other week 45- minute triad meeting
• Monthly Sunday PM national zoom meeting with Bishop Cliff (not a covenant obligation)

For more information about this invitation please go to:

How to Create a Prayer Room in your Church

How Prayer Point People Can Develop the Prayer Life of their Local Church

The book ‘Hearing God’ by Peter Lord
In August 2022, our House of Prayer Cohort was learning more about hearing God. Here is a book that will help you to develop “an ear to hear” God better. In this revised and updated edition of the classic bestseller, you will discover an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to developing a rich prayer life–moving from one-way communication to God to two-way conversations with your Father. As you develop your ability to hear God and discern His voice.

Resources for Intergenerational Prayer: COMING SOON!
Our House of Prayer Cohort-ers are having fun interacting with the teaching material they are being introduced to and as they share with each other how they are seeking to be catalysts of prayer in their local church. Joy McEwen of Holt FMCIC, who is giving leadership to the FMCIC’s Intergenerational Ministry Task Force, is part of the cohort and had this to say to the group:

“This cohort program is truly one of the blessings of my own faith formation right now and I thank you all for your willingness to share and be a part of building each other up in prayer. I’m excited about next month and talking about intergenerational prayer as our focus.” During our October session we will be looking at some ideas on developing intergenerational prayer that she has put together, and they we will be posted here. You might be interested in checking out the Intergenerational Ministry’s Facebook page where they are sharing ideas along this line as well:

The National Prayer Team’s Whatever You Ask video series
These are video resources to encourage prayer in your congregations. They are excellent discussion starters for worship services, youth meetings and other ministries:

Episode 1: Interview with Pastor Andrew Dexter about praying with youth.
Episode 2: Interview with Rev. David Greene about Spirit-led prayer that turned a somewhat skeptical recipient into a trusting friend.
Episode 3: Interview with Ed, who heard the audible voice of God making him a promise, helping to turn his life into one of prayer in faith.
Episode 4: Interview with Sue Niblock, who was encouraged by an answer to a simple prayer.
Episode 5: Interview with Susan; when faced with a sudden loss just before Christmas, she finds hope amid grief.

Revival Born in a Prayer Meeting

Here is a link to a very encouraging account of how the Third Great Awakening came about. It also refers to a Canadian connection in Hamilton.

Lord’s Prayer Project with children & youth

Lord’s Prayer Promo with adults

Cultivating a Culture of Prayer
Given the decline of many churches and the moral unraveling of our nation the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, along with some other national ministries in Canada, felt the need to ignite more prayer in our nation. So, they organized several worship and prayer gatherings across the nation and called them “Ignite”. In the afternoon they provided excellent teaching for pastors and leaders entitled, “Cultivating a Culture of Prayer”. If you would like to view these excellent teaching videos by Ray & Fran Duerksen, Jason Matta, and Jacob George, they are available at