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Generosity + Stewardship

Faith + Finance Videos

Gain all you can
Save all you can
Give all you can
Redefining Generous Stewardship
Pastors Financial Health

Whole Life Generosity Videos

Whole Life Generosity - Part 1
Whole Life Generosity - Part 2
Whole Life Generosity - Part 3
Whole Life Generosity - Part 4

Thirteen 1-min. Videos to start the conversation 

Let's Talk Money

Financial Stewardship

Debt Free and Financially Fit
Time for a Financial Date Night
Your Money Counts - A Biblical Perspective on Finances

Will and Estate Planning

The Five Most Common Mistakes in Wills
It's Time Again: Rethinking Your Will After Your Children Are Grown
Sharing Your Shares: Gifts of Securities & Mutual Funds