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Canadian Council of Christian Charities |  

Doing ministry together….

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) aims to strengthen Canadian Christian charities by providing world-class expertise, proven training and resources, advocacy, and reliable, timely advice. Together, guided by the values of Christian faith, we help our members have the freedom to focus on pursuing their mission and build stronger communities for everyone.

Our team of experienced professionals love to answer phone calls and emails from our members about HR, donations, filling out tax forms, renting their property, and other topics related to running a charity well.

Members can go online any time and access our library of templates, downloads, webinars, blog posts, training courses, and articles on everything from risk assessment, conflict management, and financial policies, to t4 reporting, being on a board, and onboarding in HR.

We believe that we have a responsibility to represent the Christian charitable sector to Canada. We  hold seats on various legal and government advisory committees, which allows for input on government policy and regulations that affect our membership.

CCCC is an invaluable FMCIC partner providing practical operational support to our churches so that they can have more freedom to focus on their mission.  Watch a CCCC interview with Bishop Cliff Fletcher:

CCCC Interview with Bishop Cliff Fletcher


CCCC has four types of membership but two of them are great, affordable membership options for the church.  These value-packed membership options  are designed to fit any budget while offering expertise and resources to help your church thrive and focus on your mission:

WEB MEMBERSHIP is available to very small registered charities with a total revenue of less than $30,000. Web members receive e-copies of the ‘CCCC Bulletin’  and online access to the ‘Charities Handbook’  as well as access to all member resources, discounts, and programs, except email and phone support and Certification privileges.



AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP is our most popular membership option, available to any registered Canadian charity. Affiliate membership offers access to all CCCC resources and benefits, except Certification privileges.The annual membership fee for Affiliate Membership is based on the charity’s annual revenue (NOTES:  CCCC Membership is based on the calendar year. If an organization becomes an affiliate member part way through the year, the annual rate is pro-rated;  Prices based on 2020 pricing schedule for current pricing please see


For downloadable information for your Church Board:

>> Click here for a CCCC Presentation 

>> Click here for a PDF on ‘Let’s Do Ministry Together’