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Generous Stewardship Ministry

The Generosity and Stewardship Ministry serves as a catalyst in developing a culture of generous stewardship in the lives of individuals, our churches, and our communities. It is our goal to create and send generous disciples out into the world to disciples others in full-life generosity. We want to encourage generosity in all of life – all we are, all we have being poured into accepting responsibility for our community, in the same way that God pours out His love on us!

The Stewardship Director, Sandy Crozier, works with individuals, local churches, and with other community leaders. Her sphere of influence includes but is not limited to other denominational stewardship leaders in Canada and the U.S, the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, the Canadian Inter-church Stewardship Committee, the Ecumenical Stewardship Centre, Generous Church, Financial Discipleship Canada, and many others.

The following is our current ministry plan faith-initiative:

Personal Stewardship

One of the greatest gifts we can offer our communities, is the freedom from debt.  We will continue to offer churches community workshops on Financial Fitness, Generosity, small group studies, and individual resources. We are exploring the partnership with organizations like More-than-Enough who offer one-on-one coaching for those needing help becoming free from debt.  This would offer churches another resource to help those in their community in need and seeking help.

Estate Planning

We are entering the second year of a joint partnership between FMCIC and Advisors With Purpose (AWP) to provide estate planning services.  In the 10 months we have been encouraging people to make use of this free service to them, and we have seen over 1.4 million in Kingdom planned estate gifts!   Of this there are over $600,000 planned gifts are towards FMCIC local churches + ministries.  This is very encouraging news.

Generosity by Design Workshops (New)

In collaboration with other Canadian denominations, we are planning to create ‘Generosity by Design’ workshops.  These workshops will offer best practices and highlight resources but also let churches design their own implementation.

Church Plant Generosity and Stewardship Guide (new)

To support our Church Plants (and their parent churches), we will working on creating a Church Plant Generosity and Stewardship Guide.  This will include the basics of church budgeting, how to help ministry leaders stay on budget, financial stewardship, the offering, generous discipleship and more.  Our plan is to work with existing church planters and coaches to field test and help develop the guide.

 Ongoing Generosity tools and initiatives:

  • Treasurers Guide Update
  • Narrative Budget
  • Local Church Generosity Assessment
  • Developing Generous Discipleship Resources
  • Grant Connect Foundation Funding Search Tool
  • Help Churches Explore/Adopt Digital Giving
  • Personal and Church Stewardship Foundational Course
  • General Conference Sponsorship

You can find more information about Generous Stewardship Ministry & Resources at, or you can contact Sandy Crozier, Director of Stewardship at [email protected]