T3010 checklist – how to avoid common mistakes when filing your return

A registered charity must file an annual information return with financial statements and required attachments.

CRA Checklist

Use the following information to avoid a lost return, incorrect financial calculations, and other mistakes that could cause delays:

☐ file a complete return

☐ file your return within six months from the end of your charity’s fiscal year

☐ make sure your financial statements are included with your return and have the same fiscal year-end

☐ file your return even if your charity was inactive during its fiscal year

☐ describe your charitable activities, not your fundraising activities, in Section C2

☐ make sure there is a signature of a director/trustee or like official in Section E

☐ include the dates of birth, arm’s length status, and postal codes for all directors, trustees, and like officials on Form T1235

☐ include the registration numbers for all qualified donees on Form T1236

☐ mail to:

Charities Directorate
Canada Revenue Agency
105 – 275 Pope Road
Summerside PE  C1N 6E8

Additional information

You must include your financial information in Section D or Schedule 6 – do not complete both.

You must complete Schedule 6 (not Section D) if any of the following applies:

  • the charity’s revenue exceeds $100,000
  • the amount of all property (for example, investments, rental properties) not used in charitable activities is more than $25,000
  • the charity has permission to accumulate funds during this fiscal year

If you are completing Section D:

  • lines 4500 to 4650 (excluding line 4505) must equal the amount on line 4700
  • lines 4860 to 4920 must equal the amount on line 4950
  • line 5000 must show an amount spent on charitable programs

If you are completing Schedule 6:

  • lines 4500, 4510 to 4580, and 4600 to 4650 must equal the amount on line 4700
  • lines 4800 to 4920 must equal the amount on line 4950
  • only enter amounts on lines 5500 and 5510 if you have received permission to accumulate funds
  • enter amounts on lines 5900 and 5910 if the charity has property that was not used in charitable activities