Schedule of Local Church Treasurer’s Duties


  • Ensure that the offering is counted, an accurate record (Tellers Sheet) is prepared and signed by two
    tellers and filed and the money is deposited in the bank
  • Record offering envelopes and place them in a file
  • Record the deposit in the ledger
  • Pay bills scheduled for that week, record disbursements with cheque number and file invoices
    (stapled to cheque stub).


  • Reconcile bank statement with ledger. File the bank statement along with cheques (or copies of
    cheques provided by the bank).
  • Prepare a monthly report (with year to date totals) for the board members
  • Prepare next month’s schedule of dates for paying bills
  • Send remittance via TelPay or mail a cheque to the FMCiC for Core (calculated as a tithe – 10% – of all donations to the local church less designated funds raised for Giving Streams, special short- term fund raising programs,
    capital campaigns or other designated gifts outside of the local church) and Giving Streams.


  • Prepare and distribute the offering tellers schedule


  • Provide information for preparation of the Budget
  • Prepare year end statement
  • Submit the records to be audited
  • Provide information for the Pastor’s Annual Report to the FMCiC
  • File Canada Revenue Agency forms (i.e. Charity report, GST/HST/QST receivable, etc.)