Policies are written rules, statements, principles, or directives for making decisions and taking action and form an integral part of a governance board.

A well written policy, if followed, can reduce exposure to liability; provide uniformity and consistency; help ensure all involved parties understand their roles and responsibilities; and demonstrate your church’s commitment to good governance (CCCC, Developing Effective Policies for Churches)

An annual review so that all church policies have been reviewed by the Board – this can be done over a 2-3 year cycle.  The questions to ask are: Is the policy still appropriate/relevant?  Has the church situation changed since it was adopted? Does it need to be updated or removed?

The church board should keep track of when each policy was last revised/reviewed.

List of recommended church policies:

    • Annual Declaration of Eligibility Form
    • Benevolence Policy
    • Child Protection Policy
    • Confidentiality Policy (PAR 372.2.4)
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Donor Restricted (Designated) Gifts Policy
    • Donor Bill of Rights
    • Facility Use Policy
    • Facility Rental Policy
    • Fundraising Policy
    • Honorariums Policy
    • Internal Controls / Fraud Prevention
    • Privacy Policy
    • Record Storage/Security Policy
    • Reimbursing Mileage Policy
    • Reimbursing Ministry Expenses Policy
    • Short Term Mission Trips Policy
    • Transportation Policy