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A simple and quick digital setup so you can start giving right away by website button, kiosk, mobile app, text or administrative giving plus a direct link that can be easily shared on all social media or by email. FMCIC has a discounted rate of 2.5% + .12c per transaction.  We do recommend you make sure to enable the requirement for full address and phone and to set the date of your deposits to one day a week (you pick the date).

PROS: has one of the lower credit card processing rates.  It also has as a flexible, donor controlled recurring giving and the option for donors to cover the processing fee. also allows for multiple designated giving streams and its online management tool provides churches the option to create Canadian Income Tax Receipts that can be emailed out as a PDF to donors.  For small churches/church plants, you can add any cash/cheque donations with no transaction charges so that you have one secure online database of all giving.

CONS:  Cannot process Bank-2-Bank transfers (Electronic Fund Transfers), however donors can use their debit/credit card to withdraw from their bank account using the FMCIC credit card processing rate.



Although your church can/should consider all options and choose the best provider/service for your circumstances, the FMCIC has negotiated a denominational discount with  Our main reasons for this recommendation are:

  • If no one uses it, there is no cost to your church
    • No Contract – in case something better comes along
    • No Setup Fees
    • No Equipment Costs
    • No Merchant Account required
    • Free support
  • Transaction costs are ‘reasonably low’:  FMCIC rate is 2.5% + .12 cents per transaction
  • Option for users to ‘Cover the cost of transaction’
  • Ability to easily create multiple giving streams (general, missions, etc.)
  • Optional memo field for memorial gifts
  • Easy user-controlled Recurring Monthly Giving option
  • Deposits funds directly into church bank account
  • Captures Tax Receipt Information (full name, address, phone, email – note this must be activated)
  • One database for online, kiosk, mobile, text and admin giving which is downloadable to integrate into your church accounting program
    • Small churches can include their cash/cheque donations into this online database to create one secure record of all giving
    • Option to create Canadian Tax Receipts from online database which are then emailed to donors
  • Additional Free Features include Event Registration
  • Option to expand into local church app (monthly fee)
  • Option to add church management program (monthly fee) has created an emergency webinar on how you can get your church digital, as well as how to use’s resources to better serve your church during this outbreak.  >>CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO:  

Some Important Notes….

In order to ensure you receive the discounted rate, please signup using this link:

Make sure you check the following boxes under “Edit Organization

  • Ask for an address when somebody gives
  • Ask for a phone number when somebody gives
  • Add a memo field to the giving form

If your church has designated giving streams (Tithe, Missions, etc.) – add them to the ‘ADD/CHANGE GIVING TYPES’ section.

The Webinar references Bank-to-Bank (ACH) giving – unfortuantely, this is not available in Canada (yet).  However, if people use a Bank Debit/Credit Card it will take funds from their bank account.

If you do not have a church website to add the GIVE button to, you can email out the DIrect Quick Link.  This is found under the Website Giving section.  Or you can send them to: to download the giving app and they can search for your church to give.

You can also add the giving link to your FaceBook Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Instructions on how to do this can be found at :

One last thing.

In these times, the church is called to be courageous and live generously.  Even though this is a season of great financial uncertainty, giving to support what God is doing in your community is more important than ever.

As you launch digital giving, lead the way.  Ask your board and ministry leaders to be the first to signup and give.

Encourage everyone to sign up for recurring/automatic giving.  This will best help you in continuing your church ministry.

And don’t forget to thank people for their giving and communicate how their generosity is helping your church in this time of crisis.

If your church would like assistance choosing the best digital giving solution, or help with launching digital giving at your church, please contact [email protected].