The Church Board is entrusted with responsibility to manage the affairs of the church, including the financial resources, i.e. money. As treasurer you do not control the finances, but you are the person primarily responsible to ensure that the details of financial decisions are carried out.  Your four major tasks as treasurer are:

  1. To receive donations and other income, ensure that it is deposited in the bank and recorded in church records.
  2. To ensure all bills are paid.
  3. To provide financial reports to the official board, ministry leaders and society.
  4. To ensure compliance with all government regulations with respect to charitable receipts and required government filings.


On behalf of The Free Methodist Church in Canada, thank you for your willingness to support your local church and the Ministry Centre towards the vision of healthy churches within the reach of all people in Canada and beyond. You may not have significant church treasurer experience. This guide is provided with you in mind to better understand your role locally and how you assist in the work of The Free Methodist Church in Canada on financial matters. We also encouraged experienced treasurers to read through this guide as a reminder of good practice.  If after reading this guide, you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact the Administrative Services staff at the Ministry Centre. We are here to help.

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Email address for Payroll questions:  [email protected]

Additional places where you can receive help:

  • The Manual of The Free Methodist Church in Canada – Chapters 3 and 4 and Par 878 contain financial policies related to the local church and General Conference.
  • The website of The Free Methodist Church in Canada
    • The Administrative and Financial Services section provides forms and other helpful information.
      Go to  > Administrative and Financial Services
    • The Manual provides necessary financial information.
      Go to > Who We Are > The Manual.
    • Generosity & Stewardship Resources
      Go to
  • Canada Revenue Agency website – government forms and bulletins related to the work of Charities at