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An easy, economical and flexible way to offer Bank-2-Bank (EFT) giving.  Online preauthorized forms with flexible options on when and how often withdrawals can be made.  Instead of credit card processing fees, you are charged a monthly transaction volume rate.  FMCIC is given a 30% charity discount and any NSF/Declined fees are waived (at the church end).

PROS: No credit card processing fees and therefore cheaper.   Many people prefer to give from their bank account.   Donors have flexible options on when and how often funds are withdrawn.  Using online preauthorization forms allows them to be securely stored online.

CONS:  This involves an extra step before people start giving – a pre-authorized form must be completed before processing any withdrawals.  Some people may have difficulty with the online form but these can be downloaded, printed and filled in by hand and then manually entered online.

Easy bank-to-bank pre-authorized giving option

Some of your members may wish to give from their bank accounts rather than from their credit cards. Pre-authorized giving does take a few more steps than on-line giving, but once setup, it provides a great cost effective option for people to give.
Rotessa has partnered with The Free Methodist Church in Canada to bring you an easier way to set up pre-authorized transfers to accept donations.

To sign up for Rotessa Service, go to:

Rotessa features

> Withdraw donations directly from donor’s bank account

> Customizable online pre-authorized consent form

> Donors can schedule flexible recurring donations

> No setup fee, contract or monthly fee

> Charity Discount of 30% on transaction fees

> Waiving of any declined payment charges (note, individuals may still be charged by their bank)

Pricing is based on transaction volume (Not percentage-based like credit cards)

Rotessa has no minimum fee to have an account, and they will only charge based on usage. Rotessa has given all our FMC Churches who apply a 30% charity discount rate.

(Prices above include FMCIC discount)

The donations will be deposited directly into your church bank account approximately 4 business days after each processing date scheduled (this allows for the bank to notify of any declined payments). The fees will be taken out of the church bank account once a month based on the invoice amount from Rotessa.

Pre-authorizations from your donors

IMPORTANT:  Once you have setup an account, authorization agreements are required in order to pull money from your donor’s bank account

Rotessa has a custumizable online tool that lets you choose one of two options:
  1. Open authorization agreement form – which doesn’t let the donor specify the amount they give on the form, they must communicate this to you outside the form (email/phone, etc.)
  2. Customer defined agreement form – which the donor specifies the amount, date, frequency, and number of installments of the donation they’d like to give.

There is no need to print and save these authorization forms at your church because they are securely stored online under your account. You can also print out a paper version if people prefer filling it out offline.

If donors need to make changes to their giving, Rotessa recommends making these changes no later than 2 days before the desired processing date to avoid missing any cut-off times for transactions.

Rotessa also allows your church to add multiple users to the Rotessa account with varying permissions to facilitate bookkeeping.

Once you’ve signed up for your Rotessa account you can go and customize your authorization agreement form for your church. Copy the link for this form so that you can send it out to your congregation.


If your church needs help in either setting up the account, customizing the agreement forms, or any issues that come up while using Rotessa, they have a support team to help.

Support hours are 9-5 Central time, Monday to Friday.

You can contact them by email at [email protected] or book a call by appointment here.”