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Child Abuse Prevention Policy

It is the purpose of the Church to:

  1. provide a safe environment for Children who are in attendance at the Church’s facilities or who participate in Church-sanctioned activities and programs wherever they may be carried out.
  2. ensure that as a faith community the Church fulfills its obligations to the safeguard the interests of the Children in our care;
  3. to ensure the integrity, safety and reputation of Applicants and Members;
  4. to ensure the integrity, safety and reputation of Applicants and Members; the Child Abuse Policy establishes and describes the Church’s guidelines and procedures for the prevention of the Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of a Child, and or deal with concerns and experiences related to Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation as defined in the Policy.  As part of creating and maintaining a safe environment for Children, the Church’s guidelines and procedures:

(A) include screening procedures for all Applicants and Members expected to be in contact with minors, and or involved in Ministry to Children,

(B) outline a code of conduct/standards of behaviour expected of all Members;

(C) mandate orientation and training programs, and standardization of procedures for all Members expected to be in close and/or significant contact with Children.

(D) outline the obligations and procedures to be followed in investigating or reporting knowledge of, reasonable belief or allegations as to occurrences of sexual abuse and or exploitation of the Children entrusted to the care of the Church.

Churches are encouraged to consult with Winning Kids Inc for regular updates to their “Plan to Protect.”