Employee Information Form Instructions

The “Employee Information Form” will be the record used to initially set up the payroll data. Make a few copies of this blank sheet for future use. A few comments here may help you to understand the

  1. Date of commencement should be the first day worked. If your employee does not start on the first day of a pay period please state how much is to be paid for that period.
  2. Employees will be paid twice a month (semi-monthly) = twenty-four times a year. Therefore, confusion will be eliminated if we state all amounts relating to salary as a per pay amount.
  3. “Housing allowance paid” is an allowance paid to pastors who supply their own housing. Since this amount will be claimed on the income tax return as a deduction it should be the fair rental
    value of the home they live in. Each Pastor must apply to CRA for approval each calendar year.
  4. “Manse allowance” is a description we are using to signify the housing supplied by the church. This should be the fair rental value of the parsonage. This amount will not be paid to the pastor,
    but will be used to calculate pension and will appear on the T4.
  5. “Utilities” is not an amount paid to the employee. It is an amount, which represents the cost of utilities, which are paid by the church, but are part of the personal living expenses of the pastor
    and thus are taxable benefits. The amount shown here will be taxed over the year, used in pension calculation and appear on the T4. To avoid using this method you could increase the
    salary by the amount of the utilities and let the pastor pay the utility bills.
  6. The Pension lines need no explanation. If the employee is already on group insurance we will make the appropriate deductions.
  7. Bank for payroll deposit. Attach a void cheque from the bank account to which the employee wishes to have net pay deposited.
  8. The second void cheque to be attached is from the Church bank account from which the total cost of the payroll is to be deducted. By signing this form you are authorizing us to deduct gross pay
    plus employer contributions and the service fee directly from this bank account. You must be sure there are sufficient funds in the account to cover each pay, deducted on payroll debit date. The approximate amount can be estimated from previous pays and the monthly statement.
  9. For information purposes, please note that the Canada Revenue Agency has suggested that Employers ask to see the SIN card of all new employees within 3 days of starting employment. If
    your Employee has a SIN number starting with “9” then we will need a copy for our files as well as a copy of the work permit issued. For details, you may refer to: