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Giving Streams

Giving Streams allows local churches to partner with each other by pooling their financial resources to support three ministry areas within the Free Methodist Church in Canada.  Each local church decides how much they will contribute to which ministry area: Leadership Development, Church Planting and Global and Intercultural Missions.  We believe that together we can equip, grow and send out people to fulfill our vision of seeing a healthy church within reach of everyone within Canada and beyond.


The Giving Streams funding program provides support of the ministry programs of the FMCiC in the following areas:

  1. Intercultural Missions
    The Missions Giving Stream supports the work of our Intercultural Engagement Team (IET), providing resources for Canadian congregations and stewarding our global partnerships in Ghana, Sri Lanka and India. The work of intercultural missions happens both around the world and here at home, as pastors and leaders reach out in relationship to their indigenous neighbours and those who are new to Canada. If you have questions for the IET please contact our Missions Administrator or Team Leader.
  2. Church Development
    Church Development Giving Stream focus is on the ongoing development of new Free Methodist churches in Canada, related financial assistance, leadership, training and development. For more information, contact the Director of Growth Ministries.
  3. Leadership Development
    Leadership Development Giving Stream provides the opportunity to develop gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry in Canada as well as ministers conferences and other leadership training programs. For more information contact the Director of Personnel.

Giving Stream Postcards are available to share at your church – please email and they will be sent to your church.