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Bank Accounts & Documents

The church will require at least one bank account with a financial institution. It is recommended that the church have a checking account and it may be useful to have a savings account as well.

The bank’s documentation requirements may vary but likely a list of officers will be required, a banking and signing resolution passed by the board, specimen signatures of those authorized to sign supported by identification documents and some confirmation of the status and/or organization of the church. The financial institution will order checks for the church and provide the necessary deposit forms.

Decisions will need to be made about who may sign checks. This should be considered when ordering checks and making banking arrangements.  (See Par 320.4.1; 372.2.3.1)

A policy should also be in place on spending limits and if/when double signatures are required.

The use of a night deposit bag may be a consideration, depending on the system in place for counting offerings and getting the funds deposited in the bank