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¶630.3.2 Education of Children

The Free Methodist Church views the education of its children as a parental responsibility
(Deuteronomy 6:5-9; Ephesians 6:4). Part of that responsibility may be delegated but not
relinquished to public, private or Christian institutions of education.

The church wishes to support public schools and recognizes the responsibility that Christian
teachers, parents and students have to be a positive influence in the world. We support parents in their decisions regarding the education of their children whether it be to use public school, Christian schools, or homeschooling.

In the public school setting, the church wants a Christian worldview to be given fair
consideration. We therefore advocate for the inclusion of teaching materials that present a
worldview consistent with a Christian perspective on matters such as justice, human sexuality, cosmology, etc. If assignments and activities conflict with the values of our families, we may request that our children be excused from them. When such conflicts arise, we request that the student’s academic standing not be jeopardized and that alternative assignments be given.