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1.  Annual Conferences

Annual conferences are the normative Free Methodist organization at the regional level that provides for reasonable spans of care for ministers and congregations, as well as the structure for effective kingdom expansion.  Each annual conference in the Free Methodist Church shall be a member of a general conference.

2.  General Conferences

The general conferences are the governing bodies of the Free Methodist Church. Each general conference shall consist of at least one annual conference or may, when necessary, make alternative provision for caring for annual conference functions as provided for in ¶220.2.  (See details in ¶¶220-222).

3.  World Conference

The Free Methodist World Conference exists to co-ordinate the visions of the general conferences by facilitating communication and harmonious relationships among the leaders of the general conferences.  It also facilitates the resolution of constitutional issues. (See details in ¶230).  Additionally, the World Conference encourages its member general conferences to work together with neighboring annual and/or general conferences to partner in ways that fulfil the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

4.  Council of Bishops

The Council of Bishops constituted of the bishops of the general and provisional general conferences exists for the purpose of fellowship, mutual counsel and accountability and the extension of the kingdom of God through Free Methodist ministries as outlined in ¶240.