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2.3    Nominating Committee

2.3.1  Election of the Nominating Committee:

The general conference shall elect a nominating committee of no fewer than eight members, who are not members of another standing board/committee of the conference.  The committee shall have, to the extent possible, equal lay and ministerial representation and balanced representation from the various geographical areas of the general conference.  Ministerial representation can include Commissioned Ministers up to a maximum one-third of the ministerial members. The number of persons on the general conference nominating committee to be elected for each region will be set by the board of administration.  A national leadership team member will be an ex officio member of the committee.

The network leaders will meet apart from the national leadership team and develop a slate of nominees to the nominating committee from the various regions of the church to present to the general conference.  The network leaders will consult in advance with local pastors regarding gifted and credible candidates.

Opportunity will be given for nominations from the floor of general conference after the nominations from the network leaders are presented.

2.3.2  Authority and Functions:

The committee will be responsible for providing nominations for:

      • study teams for the general conference
      • the secretary of the general conference
      • members of the board of administration and committees listed in ¶420 (except the nominating committee)
      • any board of administration or committee position which becomes vacant during the interim between sessions of the general conference.

2.3.3  Process:

In order to ensure that the standing board and committees are made up of gifted and credible Christian leaders, the general conference nominating committee will solicit input from local churches, network leaders and national leaders.

If the nominating committee is not able to identify an ordained or commissioned minister from a geographic region to serve on the board of administration or on a general conference committee, it may nominate a ministerial candidate.  If no ministerial candidate is available from that geographic region, the nominating committee is authorized to set aside the principle of regional representation in this case and nominate an ordained minister or commissioned from another region.