Monthly Prayer & Praise Updates

August 2022 Update

Monthly National Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Here are some things we will be praying about during this time. (Pastors, Prayer Point People and all they invite are welcome to be a part of this time of prayer.) 1) That as a family of churches, we will be watchful about […]

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June 2022 Update

House of Prayer Equipping Cohort Continues In our second HOP Cohort we looked into developing a church prayer strategy. One resource we used that I think would be helpful to anyone who wants to gain some ideas on how to work with their pastor to grow the prayer life of

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May 2022 Update

House of Prayer Equipping Cohort Has Been Launched! We are delighted to say that our first HOP Cohort got together via Zoom May 9/22 to begin a journey of learning how they can help their local church develop into being a house of prayer. There are 14 churches represented in

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April 2022 Update

During this month, we are going to be focusing our prayers our Intercultural Engagement Team’s ministry. Pastor Adam Kline will be joining us to share a bit about some of the things we can be praying for this important work. Here are some of those needs and things we can

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June 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our June 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God will guide and empower each national ministry team in the coming 3 years and enable them to inspire and guide our pastors and churches to be salt and light in their communities in ways that reflect God’s “whole-liness”

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May 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our May 26, 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God will help us to discern what He is saying to us at this time and be encouraged & corrected. 2. That we will become a movement of prayer and not just one with prayer. 3. That we

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April 2021 Update

We will be praying into the needs related to the 3 task forces that reported to the Regional Gathering this past Saturday on: racism, women in ministry and LGBTQ2S+. Praise Reports • There are 7 churches that have indicated they are interested in receiving Doug and Margie’s church prayer ministry

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March 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our March 31, 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God’s people will be filled with faith, hope and joy as we celebrate the resurrection of the Prince of Life. 2. That God will give us opportunities and courage to share the Easter good news with our neighbours.

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