June 2022 Update

House of Prayer Equipping Cohort Continues

In our second HOP Cohort we looked into developing a church prayer strategy. One resource we used that I think would be helpful to anyone who wants to gain some ideas on how to work with their pastor to grow the prayer life of their church is: https://vimeo.com/546957475. Our next cohort is Aug. 8/22 and we will be dealing with “Listening Prayer”.

Monthly National Prayer Meeting Wednesday, June 29, 2022

1) Please continue to pray for our mission and ministers in Sri Lanka. The country is in a state of bankruptcy, everyday essentials such as rice, milk, gas and electricity are not available. Pray that the situation changes, and for protection of those in need of medicine or assistance. Sister Pramila recently shared with us these words: “We are trusting God and walking through with the hope that He will help us to overcome all the problems we have to face each day.”

2) Summer has officially begun and so do our summer camps. Let’s pray that the Lord will meet the many needs they have starting up after 2 year pause because of COVID restrictions. The usual source of graduating campers are as available now. Let’s ask that He will use them in the lives of our young people, particularly those who are suffering from depression and anxiety because of these past 2 years. Let’s pray that many of our children and youth commit their lives to Jesus this summer as many have done in the past.

3) During this month, we are going to be focusing our prayers on the “Generosity and Stewardship” ministry of the FMCIC. Sandi Crozier gives oversight to this ministry and though she will not be able to join us because of her husband’s cancer treatments, she will send us a bit about what we can give thanks for and what we can be praying for in this area of ministry.