June 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our June 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God will guide and empower each national ministry team in the coming 3 years and enable them to inspire and guide our pastors and churches to be salt and light in their communities in ways that reflect God’s “whole-liness” rather than conforming to the world’s idea of right and wrong. 2. That the Lord would grant Bishop Cliff, and those giving leadership, wisdom, discernment and strength as they guide our movement to seek to understand how God would have our churches respond to the issues of: women in ministry, racism and the LGBTQ2S+ community. 3. That our pastors and churches would not simply get busy with church activities as the COVID pandemic subsides, but we would take time to stop and seek what God would have us do in the aftermath of it all. 4. That we would not slip into the trap of replacing the first great commandment with the second great commandment and thereby no longer put love of God ahead of what we or others think is loving our neighbor. That our love for others will be the fruit of our love relationship with God. 5. That our government officials and medical/scientific community will have a clear and honest understanding of how best to lead our country to a healthy way of life, that will include looking to God for wisdom and protection, rather than fearfully relying on ourselves to control and eliminate all risks. 6. That God would enable us to recognize the opportunities and grant us the desire and boldness to share the message of salvation to those all around us.