April 2022 Update

During this month, we are going to be focusing our prayers our Intercultural Engagement Team’s ministry. Pastor Adam Kline will be joining us to share a bit about some of the things we can be praying for this important work. Here are some of those needs and things we can give thanks for:

1) For members of the Intercultural Engagement Team (Adam, Vinola, Darryl, Paula, Jason, Dustin, Sam), and for the Spirit’s continued direction and guidance as we equip Free Methodists for intercultural missions, here at home and around the world.

2) This year marks 25-years of refugee sponsorship for the FMCiC, in that time over 2000 lives have experienced transformation and radical hospitality in the name of Jesus! We are praying for more congregations to share in these stories and support this work.

3) In May, just before the one-year anniversary of the unmarked graves, Jonathan Maracle and Adam Kline will be travelling to Kamloops to minister to the FM congregation there and the surrounding community.

4) On May 25th the IET will be hosting a national webinar with Dr. Michelle Ami Reyes called “Being the Intercultural Body of Christ: learning the gifts and graces of racial solidarity regardless of where we live.” This is another opportunity for the Holy Spirit to further equip Free Methodists to be missionaries, right where they are.

5) For our mission and ministers in Sri Lanka. The country is in the midst of great political upheaval and it is affecting access to essential services.

6) At the end of February our mission district in Ghana became a “Provisional Annual Conference.” We continue to celebrate this milestone and pray for God’s continued growth and grace.

7) For our Free Methodist family providing aid and serving those displaced by war on both sides of the Ukrainian border.