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Generosity + Stewardship

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Stewardship is not just about money, time, or talent. It’s about surrender. Surrendering ourselves to Christ and returning our money, time, and talent to its rightful owner, God. 

When we come to believe and understand that these gifts (possessions, money, time and talent) are on loan from God, then we are ready to use them for His purposes and His glory. When we understand that God creates and provides everything, our role is to simply be a faithful steward. This truth impacts every aspect of our lives including our work, leisure time, talents, family, friends, possessions, and generosity.

Generosity is the overflow of a grateful heart. It helps deepen our relationship with God and others, clears the way so we can focus on the right thing, and ends the fight to hold onto everything. Generosity allows us to release everything to His purpose, which bears fruit and brings joy in all circumstances.

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Sandy Crozier, Director of Generosity + Stewardship, is passionate about helping individuals and churches discover the joys of generous living. She speaks and teaches across Canada to help connect faith and finance in everyday life and to cultivate a culture of generous stewardship. 

Sandy is available to work with your church in cultivating a Generous Culture and creating custom generosity discipleship.  She can help your church determine the best digital giving options for your church as well as help you connect your budget to your vision and tell the story in a way people want to support.  

She would love to visit your church to offer generosity sermons, workshops and seminars.  If you are interested in connecting with Sandy about speaking, teaching, coaching or more info on any of the Generosity and Stewardship resources listed on this site, you can reach her at [email protected].

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Contact Sandy Crozier

Stewardship + Generosity Director

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