A Generous Hope

For all of us, there are benchmark moments where we stop and remember, tell stories and look forward to see what the future may bring. One of our key FMCIC benchmark moments (besides Regional Gatherings) is General Conference every three years. I can still hear the words from last General […]

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Let the pump priming begin…

We are trying to get the word out early. In this Mosaic you will read about initiatives and recommendations by FMCiC leaders. These are recommendations that will be going to General Conference 2020. Traditionally, we create meeting times at General Conference prior to the business time, in order to discuss

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GC 2020: FMC Family Reunion

At a recent staff meeting, the fine folks I get to work with were reflecting on meaningful experiences they have had while in the employ of the FMCIC.  One of the things that kept popping up on people’s lists was General Conference.  It’s a lot of work for the staff,

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Meeting in Progress…

On February 20, we had the first meeting of the newly-minted LGBTQ study team, 9 of us from all over Canada meeting together by Zoom to talk, to plan, and especially to pray over our mandate as a committee. It was a very moving time for me, to hear everyone

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Women in Leadership Study Commission

The Canadian Study Commission on Doctrine wholeheartedly affirms the denomination’s position on women in ministry. The Commission further recommends that leaders across the denomination explore the barriers that continue to hinder women and find ways of removing those barriers to release women for more effective leadership and ministry through the

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The New Kind of Church Planter

In the mid 1990s our denomination began to put structures behind a church planting impulse that had been growing among us for years.  We called this structure the Church Growth Department.  In order to get that department going we started gathering money through a Giving Stream and began working inter-denominationally

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Team Work

Two “study teams” have been launched and will be bringing reports to our General Conference 2020. Included in the “FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan” is a description of these two initiatives: “Inspiring Women into Leadership in the FMCIC”: The BOA has formed a high caliber study commission that would create

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