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Discipline is an exercise of scriptural and spiritual authority for which the church is responsible in giving healthy formation and, when needed, healing to the body of Christ. The process for correction and discipline of members and ministers who ignore or violate covenant commitments is designed to lead to repentance and forgiveness. Objectives are a return to fellowship with God and the church, and restoration to effective service in the life of the church.

Prompt admonition and counsel that will promote holiness of heart and life and sustain the integrity and witness of the church are to be administered with mature Christian love and discernment.

Discipline is to be redemptive and corrective in nature and is to be exercised as under a dispensation of grace, mercy and justice. The purpose of discipline is not punitive or retributive; it is to serve the body by bringing believers and churches back to established standards of wholesome conduct. Determination of standing and continued relationship to the church is also a function of the disciplinary process.

Disciplinary action is only to be taken after Christian counsel and admonition have been unsuccessful or where the nature of the violation necessitates immediate action.