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Zone leaders are mature pastors who willingly and sacrificially work as team members with the Superintendent to oversee the ministry of the Free Methodist Church in Sri Lanka.

  • They are elected to a three-year term by their zone caucus during the meeting of the Mission District.
  • They may be re-elected; there is no term limit.
  • They are trained and resourced by the superintendent and bishop.

They are responsible to cultivate an environment to see The Free Methodist Church in Sri Lanka’s common vision being fulfilled:

  • They build relationships among the pastors in the zone through pastors meetings.
  • They work with the pastors and lay people to plan zone rallies to build relationships among the churches.
  • They promote and actively encourage people to participate in:
    • the annual Elders Meeting
    • the annual Family Camp and Mission District meetings
  • They support the work of the Communication Representative in their zone to receive and pass on communication to the zone and from the zone.
  • They support the work of the Ministerial Education Guidance and Placement Committee by arranging interviews for candidates for the ministry from their zone. They serve on the zone interview team with the superintendent and two lay people.
  • They are the relational contact point for the superintendent. They regularly report to him on the health of the pastors and local churches and advise him of pastors and churches who need his attention.
  • Under the leadership of the superintendent, they build relationships with churches that want to affiliate with the Free Methodist Church in Sri Lanka and give coaching during the process of affiliation.