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The superintendent is elected to serve the church as an overseer.  This ordained minister functions as a teacher and defender of the faith, a general shepherd, a pastor to the pastors, and an administrator who by good example and faithful application of The Manual assures the order of the church.  The superintendent is to inspire the church by preaching and being an example of one who carries out Christ’s great commission.

As the national pastoral leader and chief executive officer of The Free Methodist Church in <<insert name of country>>, the superintendent’s ministry of leadership encompasses spiritual, governance, administrative and representative dimensions.  Overseeing a broad range of persons, teams and activities, the primary responsibilities of the superintendent include the development of spiritual vitality, effective administration and the strategic direction of the national church.  The superintendent guides in the creation of vision and mission for the church today and in the future, leading to the growth and development of the church in <<insert name of country>>.  The following serves as a general job description:


a) is an ordained minister elected by the mission district. His/her term shall be for three years. He/she may be re-elected.  There is no limit to the number of terms.

b) Each term of office shall be until the closing of the annual meeting of the mission district at which his/her successor is elected.

c) is directly responsible to the bishop, mission district and it’s BOA.

d)  is primarily responsible to:

    • Oversee and assist with the work of the BOA and the Zone Leaders;
    • Be the national vision caster through strategic planning, policy development, public ministry and use of media;
    • Represent the denomination at (inter)denominational events;
    • Oversee the MEGaP committee – the recruiting, interviewing, screening and evaluation of ministerial candidates of the mission district, the recommendation of candidates for ordination, the professional development of ministry personnel and, when necessary the discipline of pastors.
    • Fulfill other responsibilities assigned by The Manual or the BOA.
    • Assist in a local church situation when requested by the church or a zonal overseer.
    • May only be removed from office by disciplinary action or by a majority non-confidence vote of the mission district.