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  1. The membership of the mission district of The Free Methodist Church in <<insert name of country>> shall consist of the bishop (or his designate) who shall chair the annual meeting, the superintendent, the pastor(s) and a lay delegate(s) elected by each of the churches. Each church is entitled to send one delegate for every pastor. Members of the board of administration who are neither pastors nor lay delegates shall also be members until their terms are completed.
  2. Two-thirds of the total members seated (ministerial and lay delegates) shall constitute a quorum.
  3. The mission district shall meet annually on <<day/month>> unless otherwise arranged by the board of administration.
  4. Until a provisional annual conference is formed, the mission district is the only legislative body in the church.  It shall have full power to make rules and regulations subject to the limitations and restrictions of The Manual of The Free Methodist Church in Canada.
  5. The mission district shall have general organizational and supervisory powers over all activities of the church in <<insert name of country>>.  It shall be the only law-making body.  Parliamentary Procedure (Robert’s Rules of Order) shall be used.
  6. It shall define the responsibilities of the superintendent and elect a superintendent from among its ordained ministers.
  7. It shall elect a board of administration, determine its powers, determine the number of its officers and define the qualifications of its members. The term of a board member shall be three years. Board members (with the exception of the superintendent and zone leaders) shall be limited to two terms. To ensure continuity of its leadership, the terms of the members of the board shall be staggered.
  8. The officers of the mission district are as follows: The bishop is the president. The superintendent is the first vice president.