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  1. The general conference is the only legislative body in the church. It shall have full power to make rules and regulations under the limitations and restrictions described in ¶250.  Only the general conference has power to submit a resolution for a denominational referendum.
  2. The interval between sessions shall be approximately three years, unless otherwise ordered by the general conference. It shall be held at a time and place to be determined by the board of administration.
  3. Physical proximity, language and cultural similarities and long-standing church ties between the Canadian and American churches have forged a special relationship. This relationship is recognized through a Letter of Agreement between the Board of Administration and Free Methodist World Missions, and co-operation in such areas as the Study Commission on Doctrine and the Association of Free Methodist Educational Institutions.
  4. If so invited, the Canadian bishop is authorized to accept an honorary seat at the meetings of the Board of Bishops of the Free Methodist Church of North America.
  5. Any annual conference (when they exist), society or individual member of a local society shall have the right to submit resolutions to the general conference and to have them fully heard. These must be introduced by a member of the general conference and are subject to the rules of that body.
  1. Robert’s Rules of Order in the latest edition shall be the standard of parliamentary procedure.