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On August 6, 1990 the Canadian General Conference was inaugurated and the evangelical vision of historic Methodism was reaffirmed – to preach the Gospel to the lost, to raise up congregations of deeply committed Christians, to call believers to lives of holiness and devoted service to others. The general conference as a governing body exists to enhance and co-ordinate that vision.

At the December 1994 adjourned sitting, the Canadian General Conference approved recommendations for a re-organization. Under this re-organization the four existing annual conferences and districts were merged, and their roles and responsibilities were assumed by the Canadian General Conference.  After subsequent reviews of this legislative action by the international Constitutional Council, the Canadian General Conference agreed that it would take steps to re-instate some form of annual conference structure “when growth permits.”  The following applies until such time as annual conference structures are re-instated.  Amendments to some sections will be required at that point.   The general conference will function as a single annual conference as regards ministerial membership until such time as annual conference structures are formed. (Organization Charts are located in ¶460.)