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Leadership Development

The goal of having a healthy church within the reach of everyone in Canada and beyond requires that we have healthy, Godly, competent pastoral leaders in place.  Healthy churches need healthy pastors, so leadership development is essential.  From walking alongside a person as she starts to explore and then steps fully in God’s call on her life, to resourcing and helping a pastor develop in his skill and ability while maintaining his personal, relational and spiritual health is a large task.  The FMCIC is committed to doing all we can to support the ongoing development and health of all leaders.

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Contact Rev. Marc McAlister

Director of Leadership Development

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Marc McAlister wants to know what pastors and leaders from across the Free Methodist Church in Canada are reading, watching, and listening to or participating in, so he can share it with all the FMCiC folks. Chances are good if it’s worth your time and attention, then others will be interested too!