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A healthy pastor desires to step fully into all that God has created and called them to be.  That means that they strive to lead, disciple and care for people out of their own deeply rooted relationship with God.  As they continue to pursue and to receive life from this ever-deepening relationship, they will experience spiritual vitality and life to the full.  And they will find all they need to step fully into all that God has called them to be and do.  Stepping fully into their call, and into all the roles that God has given them, will mean that the healthy pastor will pursue developing their relational and vocational skills so that they can continue to learn, to grow and to serve as a blessing to others.  Healthy pastors pay attention to their character (who they are), their competency (what they do) and their constancy (how they do it).  Beyond these spiritual and vocational dimension of life, a healthy pastor will attend to the emotional, physical, relational and financial dimensions of their lives.  They  commit to living well and finishing well in every aspect of their lives.  With the help of the Holy Spirit and others, the pastor who pays attention to all of these aspects of life will continue to become the person and pastor that God created and called them to be.

Healthy churches require healthy pastoral leadership.  Here you will find resources to help pastors take steps toward improving and maintaining their own personal health.

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