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Karlene and I pray that you had a meaningful Thanksgiving weekend and we pray that it is with gratitude that you are moving into this week! “Today, Father, I choose to remember the new life that You have given me. Jesus, I remember that I am forgiven. I remember that I am called – thank You and thank You! I choose to make gratitude the filter through which I move though this week. Holy Spirit this is my resolve – thank You that You will live this out with me!”

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Last week I sent out Part One of a two part interview with Rev. Dr. Lawson Murray*, President of Scripture Union Canada. Pastors, this is one more preaching, teaching, resource for you…

Cliff: You wrote a book about Scriptural Engagement: what is “Scriptural Engagement” and tell me how local churches are using this book.

Lawson: Bible engagement is the process that connects us with the Bible so that we have meaningful encounters with Jesus Christ in order for our lives to be progressively transformed in Him.

To elaborate: Bible engagement happens through the course of our lives as we find our part in God’s Story. For Bible engagement to happen we must first come together with and develop a vital relationship with Christ. The relationship begins and proceeds by grace and through faith as Christ saves us from sin and sanctifies us by the Spirit. Bible engagement is evidenced through ongoing obedience to God’s Word that’s seen in life-changes that take place individually and in community.

The book that elaborates and expands on the above definition of Bible engagement is called Bible Engagement Basics. It was published in July 2017 with pre-orders for 20,000 copies. It is now available in English and French worldwide. The book is a practical resource that churches, small groups, mission agencies and individuals are using in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Many churches invite me to a “Bible Engagement Sunday” service to preach a Bible advocacy message and make the book available for its development cost. More than 75% of adults in every service purchase a copy of the book ($5)! The aim with a Bible Engagement Sunday is to nurture a Bible engagement renewal and equip a congregation with the means to strengthen their connections with the Word and the One of whom it speaks, Jesus Christ.
  • One-on-one discipleship. Pastors and leaders are using the book as a handbook (for which it was designed) for teaching individuals how to engage with God’s Word. They usually meet weekly to discuss a chapter (there are 40 short chapters that average about 3 pages in length and are written to stand alone).
  • Small group leaders are using it in three ways: 1.Gleaning from the chapter on Bible engagement with small groups to inform how they facilitate their small group Bible study. 2. Briefly reviewing a chapter from the book (10-15 minutes) with the members of the small group before the Bible study. 3. Conducting the small group based on one of the chapters, e.g. the chapter on “Contemplating” provides a practical guideline on how to conduct group Lectio Divina.
  • Church leaders are using it to inform and inspire their church boards and ministry leaders in how to make decisions and plan programs that prioritize Bible engagement.
  • Families put into practice the guidelines in Section 3 of the book for ramping up Bible engagement in the home and youth workers are applying the principles for helping Centennials get into the Word.

*Lawson Murray is a Bible engagement advocate, ministry innovator, researcher, author of the bestselling children’s series Bible Beginners, managing editor for the daily online Bible reading guide theStory™, culture and children’s ministry consultant, conference speaker, adjunct seminary professor, international trainer and team leader for the Canadian Bible Engagement Study. He has served as a teacher, pastor, church planter, children/youth evangelist and sports ministry specialist. His doctoral thesis focused on Bible engagement in Canada and he publishes biweekly articles on Bible engagement in the “jumpintotheword” blog.

Lawson is the President of Scripture Union Canada, a multimedia hub of resources and real life experiences connecting children, youth and families with Jesus and His Story. He is also the National Director of SGM Canada, an agency that loves to create opportunities for the Bible’s life words to be shared and lived out.




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