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Financial Fitness Coach Ministry is designed to be a ministry of the local church that aims at helping individuals understand and apply biblical principles in how they handle finances in everyday life. But in order to be free to steward our resources and be generous – we need to be free from the bondage of Debt.  For many, this requires more intensive help and coaching. 

There is no question that our culture is dealing with excessive debt & materialism and it is having a direct effect on the spiritual discipleship and maturity of Christians. As needed as this ministry is, this is not simply a ‘social action’ by the church to address a need in the community. Rather, helping people in one-on-one relationship provides a “Means of Grace” where God will not only meet us there – but change both the coach & the participant, as well as the church. 

As a ministry of the local church, the money/debt advice coach ministry aims at training individuals in the church to sensitively and confidentially ‘coach’ others in getting out of and staying out of debt. These individual do not have to be accountants or financial planners – rather demonstrate relational/coaching gifts and be passionate about seeing people freed from the burden of debt. Through the local church, the goal is to offer free, face-to-face, confidential help to those needing help by providing:

  • TRUTH – Providing solid biblical teaching on the principles of Godly stewardship
  • HELP – Non-judgmental, practical coaching to help manage financial resources, get out of debt, balance monthly budgets & and make wise decisions from a biblical perspective
  • HOPE – Offering the real hope of freedom from the oppression of debt through Christ

If you have any questions about the coaching ministry please feel free to contact me directly at (905) 848-2600 ext 410 or by direct email: [email protected].

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