Leadership Development

We Need to Buy Tickets!

Let’s start with an old joke.  A guy, let’s call him Bob, prayed every night for God to help him win the lottery. Yet, he never did win the lottery. He cried out, made all kinds of promises about what he would do with the money, and tried everything he …

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GC 2020: Watch and Pray

So I know what you are thinking – Isn’t it a little early to be thinking about General Conference?  I mean, it isn’t until May.  We have Christmas and Easter and Groundhog Day and lots of other stuff to get to. Maybe, but General Conferences don’t just happen.  They also …

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GC 2020: FMC Family Reunion

At a recent staff meeting, the fine folks I get to work with were reflecting on meaningful experiences they have had while in the employ of the FMCIC.  One of the things that kept popping up on people’s lists was General Conference.  It’s a lot of work for the staff, …

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Continuing Education

FOUNDATIONAL COURSES   https://fmcic.ca/foundational-courses/ Register online through the link above. Lay Ministers tracking for credentialed ministry and those transferring ordination credentials into the FMCiC need to take the following two courses for full credit – and if possible, the Heart course first and then Wesleyan Theology.   Heart of Canadian Free …

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It Can’t Just Be Talk

The other day someone was reminding me of the Discipleship material we have developed as a movement.  For those who didn’t know we had discipleship materials check out the website.  It’s all there.  They were commenting on how helpful the Pathway Diagram (the tree and the four mileposts) has been …

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