Be Free!

Being free is an opportunity, a command, an invitation, an experience, a responsibility, a promise and what we celebrate in Christ. Jesus-freedom is both about being free from and being free for. The from list includes: power over sin, hell, prevailing culture, bad habits, wrong thinking, hurts, fear, loneliness, shame, …

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Something New

I am going to ask a question that may ruffle your feathers, frankly, this question has ruffled mine: “why have some very gifted pastors in the past couple of years transitioned out of healthy churches into church planting? Why have they chosen not to transition into another established church?” To …

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Team Work

Two “study teams” have been launched and will be bringing reports to our General Conference 2020. Included in the “FMCiC 3 Year Ministry Plan” is a description of these two initiatives: “Inspiring Women into Leadership in the FMCIC”: The BOA has formed a high caliber study commission that would create …

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“IF God is Real… then what?”

Inspired by this question from IF:Gathering Founder and Visionary, Jennie Allen, the “IF” team includes over 7,000 IF:Local leaders around the world who are dedicated to reclaiming the priority of discipleship as God’s method to changing the world. I was so captivated, that first time I heard Jennie declare that …

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What to Expect in 2018

For us, the Free Methodist Church family in Canada, to expect anything different from 2017 we would really have to posture ourselves differently, act differently, pray differently, spend differently… otherwise, we should expect pretty much the same outcomes. Our Sunday attendance and membership statistics have been decreasing. In fact, most …

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A Pastoral Health Story

When we asked Dale Harris, Pastor of The Freeway in Oshawa, ON, to share his experience with burnout and clinical depression he did not hesitate.  The following is an excerpt from his May 2015 blog, Notes from the Ashes (Part 1): Some Reflections on Pastoral Burn-Out. It was just over …

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