New Generosity Tools in 2018!

I am excited to introduce three new stewardship resources that will help cultivate gratitude and generosity in our movement.

Whole Life Generosity Videos – These four videos introduce the concept of ‘Whole Life Generosity’ – being generous with all of life, with all we have and with all we are.  Although they could be used in a variety of ways, these videos were designed to be played in worship during the offertory over four weeks. Each video is approximately 2 minutes and includes a prayer for the offering and a call to action for people to consider outside of church.  You can find these videos on the stewardship page of our website:

Generosity Assessment Tool – A generosity assessment looks at congregational giving and culture and give you a snapshot of giving patterns.  It addresses questions like:

  • How does giving at our church compare? Are we normal?
  • Do a minority of donors provide the majority of donations?
  • Are we including generosity as part of our discipleship and are we teaching younger givers to become mature givers?
  • And how can our congregation become more intentional and effective in nurturing generosity.

A congregation’s stewardship numbers tell a story. Once you know that story, the next steps will become clear!

Planned Giving Program – Are you a mature giver who wants to be generous both in life and in death? We have partnered with Advisors With Purpose (AWP) to provide a Planned Giving Program for all of our churches and camps.  This will include free gift plans for individuals that consider how to reduce estate taxes through generosity.  Resources for churches and camps will include: community seminars on the need for a will and estate plan and well as informational and instructional seminars, webinars and material.

If you are interested in any of these generosity tools, or would like more information, please contact me at 613-583-4877 or by email at [email protected].