FMC Intercultural Engagement Team

Last year I spent eight months as part of the ‘Launch Team’ for a church plant in Amherstview, Ontario.  It was an exciting experience to witness and be a part of an entirely new congregation coming together, growing as leaders, and reaching out into what some considered to be an unreached neighbourhood.

The team model was essential to the launch.  We had our Church Planter, the person called of God to step out in faith, who had a real heart for the neighbourhood and was willing and able to cast a vision and lead us forward, but from the beginning he and his wife knew they weren’t called to do it alone.  And so they asked their sending church to pray for partners and supporters, those who would be willing to join them in this risk of faith.  As one of the persons who responded to this call, I began to see the necessity of the team dynamic, as all of our different gifts and insights became entangled in compliment to our chief Church Planter’s vision.

As a result of this, because there was more than just one church planter, this newly formed, discerning body of believers were able to branch out into the neighbourhood and establish more friendships and connections than any one person could.  The result was a strong and united front, a welcoming and hospitable team of people who were willing to work together, learn together, and support one another so that the entire region might be reached with the hope we have in Jesus Christ!

And now that I’ve stepped away from that team to answer God’s call to serve the Intercultural Engagement Team (or IET), I am excited to introduce to you the group of people I am working with to prayerfully and creatively engage every Free Methodist Church in Canada through intercultural missions.

Your Free Methodist IET is: Rodney Peterson (BoA Representative), Vinola Pakkianathen (Administrator), Sam Salaam (Westdale Park FMC), Paula Moriarity (ICCM Partner), Jason Tripp (Valleyview Community Church), Rob Hargin (Sault Ste. Marie FMC).

As we begin to launch programs and opportunities for intercultural missions please connect with us online where we are providing weekly content:                                                                                         

Intercultural Engagement
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Adam Kline
Leader, Intercultural Engagement Team