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¶430 Ministerial Education Guidance and Placement (MEGaP) Committee: Authority and Function

2.   Authority and Function

  • 2.1 The committee shall assist the director of leadership development and church health in the recruiting, interviewing, screening and evaluation of ministerial candidates. It shall recommend lay ministers for ministerial candidacy and ministerial candidates for commissioned ministry, or ordination and membership in the conference when they are deemed ready. It shall be available to counsel ministers in personal growth and professional advancement. The committee shall consider the character and performance of each minister, including located ministers and commissioned ministers, and report to each session of the general conference.
  • 2.2  The committee shall appoint ministers to their various ministries, in consultation with the bishop, director of personnel and pastoral leadership task forces. The process for changes of appointments is described in the “Transitions Handbook for Churches.” The MEGaP committee shall have the authority to make changes in appointments without the request of the local society when this is deemed to be in the best interest of the local church or pastor.
  • 2.3  A minister may be appointed to a church without being given charge of that church. In such cases, the church shall be listed “under the bishop” who shall assume responsibility for its administration.
  • 2.4  Any minister who refuses to serve when appointed shall not be appointed by another conference without the approval of the MEGaP committee.
  • 2.5  The MEGaP committee may grant a leave of absence to any ordained minister. If not restored to active ministry after a two-year leave of absence, the minister’s membership shall be located to a local church (see ¶845). Located ministers may be restored to active ministry by the MEGaP committee. Leave of Absence appointments shall designate the reason for a leave of absence.
  • 2.6  Located Ministers have the place of their membership determined by the MEGaP committee. In the process, the minister and official board of the church involved shall be consulted.
  • 2.7  The MEGaP committee shall rule on divorce cases related to persons preparing for or involved in ordained ministry. (See ¶816) The bishop shall appoint a Divorce Review Committee of four MEGaP members to assist with the preparation of recommendations related to divorce cases.