The Free Methodist Church in Canada Will Planning Guide

It is the prayer of the Generous Stewardship Ministry of the Free Methodist Church in Canada that our Will Planning Guide will provide you with the information you need to complete your estate plan.  This booklet contains general and at times, specific ideas but should only be viewed with the idea that we are not qualified to give specific legal or investment related financial advice. We urge you to seek the advice of your own legal or financial advisors.

This is an aid in planning your Will. It does not purport to exhaust every eventuality, but it does draw attention to most of the points you should consider.

The points are designed to enable you to consider the general nature of the Will you wish to make before consulting your solicitor. When you do consult with your solicitor, he or she will find it easier to advise you because you have directed your mind to possible methods of dealing with your estate.

Completing this Will Planning Guide does not complete your task but it is an important step towards doing so. Please work through it carefully and prayerfully, filling in all the blanks that apply to you. After you are satisfied, choose a lawyer in whom you have confidence and provide him or her with the information so that he or she may draw up your Will in proper legal form.

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Giving to any of the Free Methodist Churches or Ministries through your Will

If you are considering giving to any of The Free Methodist Church in Canada churches and/or ministries, we first want to say ‘thank you’ and that God bless your generosity.

Including any of our churches or ministries in your Estate Gift Planning is a simple and powerful way to give. We pray that as you designate giving through our ministries, that God will work through your gift to make a difference in His Kingdom.

To ensure that your planned gift is honored and used in the way you intended, we advice that you discuss your wishes with both the lawyer preparing your will as well as the ministry that will be receiving your gift.  We also encourage you to take advantage of our Planned-Giving Program – which is free, confidential and without any obligation.

We recommend that the following statement (or similar wording) be included in your will:

‘For the (area/name of ministry – or simply the ongoing ministry) at the (legal name of the local church or ministry), currently situated at (address of the local church or ministry).

If, through the passage of time, this bequest becomes obsolete, permission is given to alter the terms adhering as closely as possible to my original wishes.

Should the (legal name of local church/ministry) no longer exist, the funds should default to the Free Methodist Church in Canada, currently situated at 4315 Village Centre Court, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2 to be used for ongoing ministry.’